Defiance Fuel Box (2.6 gallon)

$ 12.99

Nothing says hydration like 2.6 gallons of premium structured water.

The Defiance Fuel Box was made to be both cost-conscious and eco-friendly, saving the equivalent of 12 one-liter bottles and using 75% less plastic. Designed to fit perfectly on your team bench and inspire more than a little fear in the competition.


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Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Connecticut, Washington DC, Maryland, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, South Florida, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Minimum order of three cases.


The Defiance Fuel Difference:

  • Magnetically-Enhanced / Premium filtered water enhanced by magnetic fields and UV lights
  • Structured Water / More efficient absorption into cells 
  • pH (7.4+) / Potassium Bicarbonate helps more closely match your body’s natural pH levels
  • Ulta-Purified / Meticulously distilled chlorine and fluoride-free water in BPA-free bottles.

Even after a couple days of drinking Defiance Fuel, I felt a significant difference in my hydration during the last 3 hours of football practice.” – Dawson Knox, NFL Tight End

“Thanks to Defiance Fuel I feel more energized than ever during my workouts. It’s really helped to improve my overall performance. It tastes great and I recommend it to everyone . . . ”

-Cella Bishop, Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert