Gravity Fed Preworkout Box – Defiance Fuel
Gravity Fed Preworkout Box

Gravity Fed Preworkout Box

$ 75.00 $ 150.00

Gravity Fed PreWorkout Box - 150 Stick Packs

Without using artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, we have created a great tasting, precisely blended formula with optimal ratios in order to deliver a sustained energy blast through our Pre-Workout.

If you are looking for a slow build pre-workout supplement that helps you peak at the right time without wanting to rip your skin off and while maintaining your social graces, then Defiance Fuel's pre-workout is right for you.

“As a fitness pro, I teach 10+ classes a week and every single day I drink DF before and after a workout, and it has helped power me through. And the pre workout... I have one every day before I teach! ”

-Tori Ross Lead Instructor at CycleBar and Shed Fitness